" Impact Partners are much more than LevelField's reliable strategic communication partner. Sure, they help us answer questions such as 'What is the message?' 'How should it be communicated?' 'Which audiences will most impact our business?' And following through by delivering strategic messages to key stakeholders through the right channels. More than that, they are part of our team for shaping the business, collecting market information, and incorporating our public face into planning for the achievement of our business objectives. In fact, the best summary of how we view Impact Partners is that they are 'our team'. "

Gene A. Grant II

CEO of LevelField Financial


" Since we began working with Impact Partners, the reputation of our firm has reached new heights in the venture community. The team has made invaluable connections with top tier media, greatly raising the profile of our business and our leadership team. "

David Spreng

Founder and CEO of Runway Growth Capital,
a Venture Debt Firm


" Impact Partners has a true understanding of how to work with family offices / ultra high net worth / high profile individuals to enhance and sharpen their leadership position in the public-eye. They have become a welcomed addition to my family and some of our investment entities."

Kent M. Swig

Patriarch of Fulcrum Equities,
a leading American real estate family office.


"Impact Partners provides unparalleled access to the media, and are strategic with how they ensure my personal brand enhances the values of our portfolio of innovative start-ups."

Jack Selby

Managing Director at Thiel Capital and Managing Partner at AZ-VC


"I've always been drawn to Impact Partners' ability to facilitate a wide variety of connections and outcomes that impact business, investing, and valuation. Their ability to understand opportunities, chart a strategic path, and impact outcomes is very important to the family office, (ultra) high net worth, and investor market I serve. Being a trusted entity at the heart of the world's wealthiest individuals and their families is crucial. This is where Impact Partners' values closely align with my own."

Wendy Craft

Chief of Staff to Kent Swig


"Impact Partners has taught us how to differentiate our brand amongst the rest of our peers in the venture capital community. In doing so, they have boosted our profile with the media, where their relationships are peerless, thus increasing our visibility while clarifying our mission. This has had a direct positive impact on our operations”

Cameron Newton

Founder and General Partner of Relevance Ventures


"Impact Partners is a strong and strategic partner that is always there for you, no matter what challenge you face. They provide excellent tactical advice and strategic guidance that enhances your day-to-day operations and long-term scaling plans. Their combination of experience, resourcefulness, and actionability is a competitive advantage that has allowed us to elevate, and better manage, the reputation of our company.”

Alex Liegl

Former CEO of Peter Thiel backed Layer1 


"I have never believed in self serving personal publicity, therefore engaging a PR firm was out of the realm of possibilities. Till I met Impact; not only did they understand my feelings, they became protectors of my long term vision of “service to community & humanity” and help in the evolution of it. Critical goals need a core unwavering commitment - Impact is part of that core."

Princess Jahnavi Kumari Mewar

77th generation of India's most powerful royal family and head of their family office and private equity firm


"Retaining Impact Partners has been the best PR decision I have ever made. They respect and protect my family name, while positioning me beyond simply a Vanderbilt, but as a businesswoman focused on uniting and advancing the worlds of arts, culture, and entertainment."

Consuelo Vanderbilt

7th generation heiress to American shipping and railroad tycoon, Cornelius Vanderbilt